Terms and Conditions.

   Please review these policies carefully as they are the terms of sale that govern your purchases.


1. Email Extractor software is provided by "Email Teleport Inc".

2. The free version of the software is available at all time, however, in order to access and benefit from the complete range of options and features the full version of the software has to be purchased.

3. As a registered user, the customer has full access to the program. a. The customer is allowed to have a back-up copy of the data on his/her computer under the condition that, the extra copy will be saved for personal usage only and will not be used on another computer.

4. The trial-version is available for free download, with the exceptions listed below, and under the condition that it is not modified in any way. Such software may not be copied, distributed or combined with any other software, except to the extent provided by us in writing. At no time shall any warranty or commitment be assumed by you on our behalf or on behalf of a product licensor without our express prior written consent.

5. Software is provided “as is”, without any warranties, terms or conditions as to quality, performance or correspondence with description. We do not offer any warranties or guarantees in relation to software installation, configuration or error correction. You download, install and use the software at your own risk and we accept no responsibility or liability for the performance or suitability of the software for your specifications. We make no warranty against electronic virus or any other fault or defect which may occur. We will not be responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever.

6. Any alteration, modification, restoration, change, or service configuration, and/or relocation by the customer are prohibited; this software may not be copied, translated, made available, modified, disassembled, decompiled, or combined with any other software unless agreed otherwise.

7. The customer is prohibited from doing the following:

  • - Share registration info with any person including a company or corporation;
  • - Alter, modify, upgrade or make any changes within any information or documentation or products and/or services supplied.
  • - Remove or block any ads, copyright notices or other notices/links.
  • - Transmit or modify the software (in any manner or form) without our prior permission. (This software is subject to copyright with all rights reserved and the information held is for your personal use only).
  • - Resell, rent or share the service to any third parties.

8. By installing and using this software you agree to the following terms and conditions. Your usage of this product means that these policies apply to you, so be sure you understand them before you start using the software.

9. In case you disagree with any of the terms and conditions listed above, you must stop using and delete the software from your computer.