Simple interface.

  • Extract emails from web sites and search engines.
    Advanced keyword search and limiters of scanning.

Extremely easy to use.

Exclusive filtering option to manage captured emails.
Includes the most popular Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Altavista, MSN etc.

Inimitable design.

Automatic duplicates removal.
Export emails to a Text file, CSV, Excel.

What we offer?

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Welcome to our website, where we are about to change the way you create your mailing list database. If you want your business to have an effective e-marketing campaign Email Extractor is an excellent solution. Email Extractor is a powerful and reliable utility intended to extract email addresses from websites, search engines and local files. With this tool you will obtain the quality data that is vital to your marketing efforts!

How does it work?

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The program can collect email from websites you specify, or by processing web sites that match a certain keyword. Exactly as using the search engines You specify the keywords, press a button and the tool brings thousands of email addresses extracted from the search results.

Why choose us?

our advantages

The program is easy to use and it has very nice modern design. It can harvest email addresses from local files, folders, or whole disks. It supports searching by keywords on many search engines. It is fully customizable, which is a nice option for experienced users. It retrieves valid e-mail addresses without duplicates. In addition to the Email Extractor you can search for phone and fax numbers.